Dedicated Extremity MRI with the Niche Ortho Flex System

The system has a large 160mm uniform field of view providing generous coverage for full knee examinations. The ultra-light magnet weight (500Kg) means the system can be installed in any office. Sub mm resolution can be achieved in short scan times, usually 2-4 minutes. A 200 x 750mm magnet aperture provides more vertical access than most whole body MRI systems enabling full flexion knee studies as seen above clearly showing the extension of the anterior cruciate ligament in the sagittal sections. Four high quality RF coils are provided as standard, two with full volume coverage for the upper and lower extremities and two coils designed especially for limb rotation studies.  The system uses a set of clinical protocols optimized for extremity imaging. Advanced user sequence development capability is provided as a research option for full flexibility.

Why not use the lowest life cycle cost extremity MRI system available today?